Yep already it is that time of year.   Gardeners like me are still running out and working in the garden when we can.  We are planning for the spring, looking at seed catalogs, and wondering what changes we are going to make next year.  Help a gardener out this year with these great gift ideas.

Sometimes we find that one great book to help plan our edibles for next year. A great book for our area is the ‘Growing vegetables West of the Cascades’. This is a comprehensive book that gives suggestions for growing our cool, wet climate, and shade. We don’t always have the most opportune growing conditions and this book helps with great suggestions for growing plants well.

A fun way to spend the winter is working on garden art.   I have so many plans for my garden.  Often in the gardening year, when things are growing like crazy and tasks in the garden are piling on, I just have time to keep up with the everyday tasks.  In the winter, though, when things are dormant in the garden, there is a chance to work on things that aren’t growing but make the garden beautiful. Inside and out there are chances to create great hardscape in the garden.   Mosaic Garden Projects is a book that gives great ideas for embellishing your existing features as well as creating new ones.

While shopping at my local nursery Bainbridge Gardens, I found these great earrings. I tried them on and they are so very fun. I also think they would make great Christmas tree ornaments.   Can’t you just see them hanging on a little Christmas tree? Fun stuff! Air plants need some good moisture 2 – 3 times a week. The first time I had one I never watered it thinking it was an ‘air plant’. It did not survive. Yep, turns out it really did need water too. So, if you get these, don’t forget to water your earrings.

Fun in the garden can come inside with some great garden sayings. Great quotes from gardeners, poets, and writers remind you why you do it. This great sign from Ravenna Gardens reminds me why I garden in my pajamas before breakfast.

Of course the gift list wouldn’t be complete without plants and I have two suggestions for you. Experienced gardeners will enjoy a little bonsai plant. Fun to experiment with and learn to grow, it can inspire gardeners to try something new. They grow outside but can be enjoyed indoors when blooming or fruiting. Then put them back outside for the rest of the year.  They are easy to grow in sheltered area outside with water. For the bonsai lover there are many tools and books that can be given with the new plant.

New gardeners, or people you want to share the love of gardening with can start out with a grow pot from Urban Agriculture. These stylish pots can grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables inside on a window sill. They can be grow almost all year inside, or brought out in the spring to be in the garden. Few things are more magical than planting a seed and seeing it grow for the first time.

Share the magic or grow your own.