We found out a few months ago that the college my husband attends has a community garden! Due to the transient nature of the college the garden goes through cycles of tended and not. It just so happens that a few friends of ours were interested in tending the garden during their time at the college and invited us to join in the fun. There are numerous garden opportunities in the Chicago area and I’m excited to be a part of one that’s just down the block from us.

We started back in early May prepping the beds.


Our plan is to reclaim both large beds that flank the fence line on both sides, install a new raised bed for pole beans and fix up the existing raised bed. Currently we have tomato and basil starts ready to go in along with our pumpkin starts I wrote about a few days ago. Of the three families that are involved none of us claim to be “experts”. I’m excited to see what we are able to accomplish in the community garden this year.

What have you got growing so far?