The sky was beautiful last night.   First raspberry, changing into soft orange then fire red.   I just wait, keep waiting…  Bruised purple with dark gray tips.  February is not usually this kind to us.  As I look at the beautiful sky I think about the garden.  I think about the soft oranges and yellows of spring.  Primroses in colors of the sunset with the still dark gray of decayed birch leaves behind.  Why do I think of the garden when I see the sky?

It is what inspires me.

Here are other things that inspire me right now.

  • New vegetable seeds with amazing contrasting leaves.   Purple carrots, Black tomatoes, Rainbow chard, and even white tomatoes.
  • Planting a hedgerow with native plants mixed with fruits and early bloomers for bees.
  • Hellebores and ferns competing to see which curled shoot can beat the other one to the sun.
  • Tibochiana and clivia blooming in the greenhouse reminding me of coming spring.
  • An amazing meadow with one piece of art surronded by an ever changing tapestry of plantings.
medow garden, garden sketch

my own meadow garden musings…

A beautiful meadow planting by Adam Woodruff was featured in Fine Gardening Magazine’s February edition.  You can take a look at the plant list of this amazing garden HERE.

  • A childs garden with a muddy frog pond, log stump steps and maze through grasses.
children's garden, garden sketch

my children’s garden musings…

The Red Butte Botanical Garden in Utah has a great children’s garden.  Even in the winter time there was much to see, here’s what I found…

Children's garden entrance

Children’s Garden Entrance

children's garden, red butte botanical garden

Children’s Garden Snake Maze

children's garden

Open wide!!

children's garden, metal flowers

metal flowers

What inspires you?  I’m so excited to plan, plant, and enjoy!  Let the Gardening begin.