Greenhouse Prep

BRR it’s getting cold out there... How can it be 37 degrees last night? I’m beginning to realize my neighbor was right when she said we lived in a frost pocket. It was 37 when I got in my car and by the time I turned off my road onto the main road it was 45. That is a...

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Easy-Peasy Garden Beds

One of the most amazing things about gardening is the way that gardeners share information. We are (and should be) willing to share methods and tips about gardening, things that worked for us and things that didn’t. What I want to share with you today is a gardening...

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Little Bytes: Pleaching

In the blog ‘progress yes progress’ I wrote about pleaching my espalier cherry trees into each other.  I thought it would be good to talk about pleaching and also create something fun for Little Bytes at the same time. Pleaching is a type of pruning that causes two...

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