Living in the Northwest can keep you pretty busy but spring and summer kick it up a notch or two.  We are involved in our local rodeo and spend quite a bit of time away from home.  Even with our busy schedule we would like to be able to grow our own salad garden full of our favorite salad veggies so we don’t have to buy them at the grocery store.  I would consider myself to be an advanced beginner gardener.  I can keep easy plants alive but anything beyond that is out of my comfort level.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with a little bit of guidance.

Right now my life is an ever changing cycle of new.  With two young kids and our recent move to Chicago it feels like we are constantly navigating new terrain.  Can I tell you a little secret?  I’m a little concerned about the state of food in our country.  Because of that I want to be able to grow more of the food my family and I consume on a daily basis.  Currently we live in an two-flat (think row house for two families) and I don’t have a lot of control over the yard.  So, we will be experimenting with what works in containers… in a different zone than I’ve lived in my whole life.  Should be exciting!