Hello friends, Kristen here!  Last week I had the pleasure of walking around the Plantswoman’s house just taking in all of her wonderful decorations.  Here is a little tour of what I found.

holiday-home-002 holiday-home-003 holiday-home-005 holiday-home-006Over the years Susan has collected a wonderful array of holiday trees.  The texture and variety of this collection never gets old.holiday-home-007 holiday-home-010On top of the hutch in the kitchen is a collection of trees as well but with a different feel.holiday-home-009 holiday-home-008Using fresh greens and plants in your holiday decor gives a fresh twist that can last the whole season and maybe even into the dull winter months.

holiday-home-011Throw pillows are a quick and easy way to change up your living room with out too much fuss.

holiday-home-012 holiday-home-013 holiday-home-014A little green goes a long way…  in this case its fresh princess pine mixed with some vintage mercury glass ornaments.

holiday-home-015Yup, even her room is decorated.

holiday-home-016 holiday-home-017 holiday-home-018

holiday-home-021 holiday-home-023

Rock salt with a layer of cranberries and a candle is a simple and elegant way to create a center piece for your table.  holiday-home-022


And outside fabulous too…


holiday-home-outside-002holiday-home-outside-003 holiday-home-outside-005 holiday-home-outside-004holiday-home-outside-006I hope you enjoyed this little tour and had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.  Cheers to a great 2014!!!