Outdoors, Where the Wild Things Are

One of the main reasons I left an accounting career to do garden design was so I could be outdoors. At first gardening was just a way to be outdoors and still make a living. Now gardening has turned into a passion, not just a job. However, I still look for ways to get...

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Hosta Rant

When I get a chance I love to travel, mostly following my kids around in their life adventures. Last week found me in Michigan and I became a little crazed while walking down the street. This is not all that unusual but can be embarrassing for the...

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Traveling Plantswoman: Arizona

It’s nice to get away from the Pacific Northwest in the spring.   Sometimes you can count on a beautiful Memorial Day but usually it will rain and this year was no exception. Lots of rain but not for me as I was in Phoenix visiting family, a great place to...

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On The Hunt

Tis the season for hunting down your new favorite plants! I read a lot and communicate with people all over the world about plants and each year I usually find one I’ve been obsessed about finding. Many times they are plants I’ve killed and want to try again....

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The sky was beautiful last night.   First raspberry, changing into soft orange then fire red.   I just wait, keep waiting...  Bruised purple with dark gray tips.  February is not usually this kind to us.  As I look at the beautiful sky I think about the garden.  I...

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Bellevue Botanical Garden D’lights

With the family in town we headed over to the Bellevue Botanical Garden's annual Christmas light display D'Lights.  The lights were really quite impressive with many critters and fun things to spot.  There is still time to go see the lights until January 3rd,...

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Fall into Spring

Remember the blog post from this past spring when I visited the tulip fields in Mt Vernon?   They had the most spectacular display gardens, I took lots of pictures, you can read about it HERE.  Now is the time to order.     September through December you can pick...

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Community Garden – Oregon

I'm not sure if this should be a 'Traveling Plantswoman" post or not. I was traveling with my sister and her friend and I don't usually visit many gardens when I travel with other folks. We normally focus hiking, golfing, and hot tubbig so as not to bore my companions...

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Community Garden: Albany Park

We found out a few months ago that the college my husband attends has a community garden! Due to the transient nature of the college the garden goes through cycles of tended and not. It just so happens that a few friends of ours were interested in tending the garden...

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